Friday, February 15, 2013

Phantasy Star Online FOnewearl GK Mod - Part V

It's been a long time coming and it looks like Cranberry is finally nearing her finale!  I still have some work to go but a majority of it has been done and, asides from the hair/bow, weapon and bracelet, she only has some minor tweaks before primer.

Here is more work on the skirt.  Last update, it was still in two pieces.  They have since been heavily sanded down to shape, pinned and glued to the waist section, below that "belt" I made I made on the waist before.  Now, that leaves gaps between the skirt pieces and the waist.  Oh, not to mention that the skirt is suppose to be one solid piece, so I had to be creative and use clear overhead transparencies again.  I glued a small section in the front and back of the skirt, connecting the two pieces I'd attached.  I then covered over the plastic with putty, smoothing it onto the separate skirt pieces.   It has all been smoothed out and I've been fighting with etching the panel lines and filling pinhole (god, they are like 30 more every time I sand >__>)  So, here are the progress pics on it... (*As always, click for larger images.)



Next up is more work on the weapon, the Windmill.  I have a PSO artbook and, amazingly, in the back there is an actual drawn reference for some of the weapons!  I used it for reference and drew the design on the handle in pencil, then I went over it with permanent marker.  I've begun etching in the details but I haven't photographed that part yet.


Ah, now we get to the boots.  They've been a bit of a pain because of all the pinholes I've run into lately, but otherwise they've shaped up nicely.   Last time I left you, I hadn't started the platform part of the boot.  I'm much further along than that now ^__^  I used masking tape around the foot and filled in the bottom of the foot with putty.  Once cured, I drew a ling around the tape where I wanted the bottom of the boot to be, I trimmed the tape to that line and then sanded the boot down to my drawn line.  This leaves quite a bit of nasty gaps on the side, which then had to be filled in and sanded smooth.  I also built up the pointy toes of the boots and sanded them into a nice shape.

Once the sides were smoothed out, I drew the reference lines for the jagged tooth-like V design around the platform of the boot.  The line was then marked in permanent marker and etched.  Wow, lots of pinholes.  I have since puttied and re-etched about 5 times, each time revealing more pinholes.  I think they're more or less done now, but I don't have photos since the last time I worked on them.

 ^ The top pencil line here has since been etched as well.  The second line was simply for marking the height of the V design.

Here is the current result so far, with tons of tape holding her together, as some of her parts still don't have pins.

Another update is coming soon, as I mentioned I've worked on quite a few parts since these photos were taken, as well as having started the front part of her hair!   More to come soon ^__^

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