Saturday, July 21, 2012

Phantasy Star Online FOnewearl GK Mod - Part III

So it's time for another update ^__^ 

The length of the necklace up the neck was too short, so I had to extend it up a bit.  Still need to carve the line around the middle of it, as well as add the little section id holder in the front (the circular shape marked).  I checked my PSO artbook for more clear pictures of the bracer on her arm, as well as her necklace.  I made a flat piece for it, but the artbook shows it as more domed, with the center hollowed out.  It will an easy mod to the small piece I already made. *As always, click for larger images.

The necklace and section id plate before and after modification.

I also made the little straps that go across the back of her shirt.  I used sheet styrene, cut into the appropriate size and then I used a drill bit to make a carved part in the center, which I sharpened with a small square file.  I then made four tiny little discs that go on the edges of the straps, hollowing down their centers and then gluing them into place.  I also made the bottom rim of her shirt and etched the line in the middle.  It was kind of a pain and would've been easier while the putty was still pliable, but I had applied the putty before bed one night and by the time I got to it, it had fully cured XD

 Straps progress
Also, when I moved her necklace further up her neck, I realized the hair line was way too far down the back of her head and neck, so I adjusted it to look more natural.  I'm filling in some of her bracer and will likely tonight add some of the details to it, as well as finish the necklace so I can move onto the poofy shoulders and sleeve trims.  I'll also probably go ahead and cut the wire mesh for her skirt and get it affixed into place so I then putty it ^__^
Head/neck before alterations.  You can see the lines I marked for removal.

Bracer work

Preliminary shirt bottom and finished bottom.  Also a picture of the finished straps.

More to come soon ^__^