Saturday, June 02, 2012

Phantasy Star Online FOnewearl GK Mod - Part II

It's that time again!

So, the customer decided to do regular, permanently attached clothes since cast off was proving such a problem. I have since been working on her like crazy and here's what I've got going on so far...

Since Cranberry will now not be whole and will instead have clothes on her permanently, she can have different joints. Thus, I spent a day hacking her into pieces. I also went ahead and attached a few of the pieces that would not present a problem during painting, such as her shoulders to her torso and one side of her shorts to her hips. I then started making the tops to her boots, edges of her shorts and her bracelet. I started on her shirt, with a small tweak; a fitted shirt stretches across the breasts and leaves a little gap where the shirt doesn't touch the breastbone, so I glued a piece of overhead transparency between her breasts to simulate the stretched shirt. I then puttied over the areas, adding the lip of her shirt and removed the nipples. I also made nice keys for all the newly seperated pieces, so they fit together snugly. I've mainly been working on getting the breast area smoothed out around the plastic sheet I used and also smoothing out the edges of her shorts. They broke a few times and I switched putties, but I also had to change my tactic. I was going to just have them flat at the bottom of the joint, with a key on the bottom but it didn't look natural when I put the thigh against it, so I had to take my dremel and carve down into the edge of the piece to make a lip that fits over the top of her thigh. This creates a more realistic look, though it took a little more time. I also worked on creases/folds in the boots around the ankles, but it's a bit of a pain, actually o_o I also built up some excess putty I had onto her toes, for the pointed toes of the boots that I'll make later.

Anyways, here are the pics, with some before and after shots of pieces.  *As always, click for larger images.

Working on her daily, so more to come soon!