Friday, February 15, 2013

1/5 Persona 4 Protagonist/Shujinkou - Narukami Yu

I got this done in a relatively short amount of time, but I was delayed because of my recent move and having the flu a while back.

This is a commissioned kit of the Shin Megami Tensei Persona 4 Protagonist/Shujinkou, Narukami Yu, by Little Pink Summer.  This particular sculpt is based on Persona 4: Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena. The customer sought me out as a SMT fan and I was pleased to work on the kit. He was an excellent original cast, though the decal for his collar pattern was really horrible. The proper collar pattern and Persona 4 Arena logos were cleaned by a friend, who also printed the logo, while I printed the collar myself; Unfortunately, the P4 Arena logo had to be cut by hand because it was a paper printout, not a decal and needed white in the logo. So I had to cut out all those little "broken glass" pieces individually and apply them by hand o___o I was requested by the customer to give him a slightly transparent shirt, darker hair than shown in P4 Arena and to give him the dark gray school uniform.

There are many different incarnations of Persona 4...from the original in-game, the original artwork by Shigenori Soejima, Persona 4 Arena in-game models, Persona 4 Arena artworks, Persona 4 the Animation...the list goes on. In each of the things I've mentioned, slight things are colored differently. So, I let her choose the colorings she wanted for everything, since it was so open to subjection, and we came out with a very nice Narukami. As always, I based the eyes off the official artwork for the games and animation. I was kind of scared to do the extra line under the lower eyelash line, which is becoming more common in anime, but it came out well! I was requested to make a square base for him with a bright yellow main color and stripes in other bright colors, in varying widths. This mimics the game menu for Persona 4, as well as most advertisements for the game; I had to painstakingly mask each individual stripe o__o Glossy finish on the base was achieved by using a clear resin pour-on glaze. The hamon (wave) down the blade of the sword required hand-cutting masking tape and applying; it was a pain but the result came out nicely. Eyes, gray for the collar, white details on the sword handle, belt gold jacket buttons, belt, buckles/shoe buckles, uniform panel lines and stitches were all handpainted; everything else is airbrushed, including highlights. Mostly Tamiya Acrylics and Vallejo Acrylics, with some washes, drybrushing and shading done in pastels. Alclad II was used for the gold and silver(s) on the sword. In the pictures, sorry about the backing paper not fully covering in the shots; he's a really large kit, around 1/5 and very tall, so I had a hard time photographing him. *As always, click for larger images.

Anyway, please enjoy my fifth completed GK, the Protagonist/Shujinkou from Persona 4, Narukami Yu.







Abs and Eyes are partially hidden in by the model itself, so these are shots I took before assembly.

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