Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Phantasy Star Online FOnewearl Mod - Part IV

It's that time again!

I've been working on Cranberry a lot, pretty much every day unless I work. I'm working on the skirted part, her belt that the skirt attaches to, completing her arm bracer, finishing her necklace and finishing up details on the shirt. Next I'll be moving onto the shoulder poofs, fitting of the arms into the new joints, sanding the skirt, starting her hair fringe (front hair piece) and boots. Hopefully I can have her done within the next 1-2 months.

To start the skirt, I cut paper and taped it to her, so I could cut them into the appropriate shapes. Once that was done, I used the paper as a stencil and cut the same shape out of clear overhead transparency paper. Tossed out the paper and replaced it with the transparency paper, then layered lots of putty on them. While it was curing, I stuck a few cotton swabs under the skirt, to push it upward into the more poofy/raised skirt that she has. It didn't impact the final result a lot, so I layered up enough putty to where the skirt poofs out a bit, like in the game. I also made the "belt", which is actually the waistband of her skirt. I had to make it separately so the skirted pieces could attach to it later. Next will come the arduous task of sanding the skirt parts without breaking them lol  *As always, click for larger images.

I also finished the bracer on her left arm. The drawn photo is from a PSO art book I own, and I use it for reference all the time. While the character in the drawing isn't wearing Cranberry's outfit, I can still use it for shared clothing bits, like her boots and arm bracer. I carved lines into the bracer to match the drawing and then glued on the small pieces I made and sanded any imperfections. I'll be sawing the hand off at the red line, so I can make her Blue Ring bracelet/shield, and still be able to keep it in one piece. I'll be sculpting it by hand and then casting it in clear jewelry resin.

Here, you can see the art book image for the necklace, which I then made by using a clicky pen. I removed the clicking cylinder and used it as a base for the necklace piece. After covering the pen piece in petroleum jelly, I applied a bit of putty, then let it cure. I gently sanded it to shape and blued it to the existing necklace piece. I also made these....strange shirt parts. I don't really know how to describe them, except as a small metal shape near the collar bone and shoulder. I used reference from screenshots of Cranberry and sculpted them directly on the model's torso. While the putty was still curing, I took a slender hobby blade and cut out the little hollowed part. Voila, complete!

Ugh, panel lines! They drive me nuts and man does her outfit have a lot of them >_< I etched lots of panel lines into the shirt to bring out the details. A few minor mishaps here and there but they're been repaired now. Since that is all done, today I'll be moving onto making her shoulder poofs and fitting her arms into the new joints I made a while back. Then, the shirt with be done! OMG.

I've taped Cranberry's hips and legs together so I can start work on her platform boots. It took a while to get her situated just right, but I finally got it. I also taped up her face so I can start sculpting her front hair piece. So, more to come soon ^___^