Friday, January 09, 2015


Hey there followers!  I'm sorry the blog hasn't been updated in a while, as I'm currently moving it to my new blog/domain, 

Currently it's still under construction, so I ask that you either email me or contact me via facebook for quotes and questions.


After today, this blog WILL NO LONGER BE UPDATED.  Please see the new contact info above ^__^

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

GK Talk podcast with leona senshi and seraph phoenix

Weekly podcasts with myself and leona senshi of Leona's Workshop!  This will be a candid general discussion on GKs; from building to purchasing and general chatter.  A live Q & A is coming in a few weeks, so stay tuned to our sites and facebooks!

Sunday, March 09, 2014

GK Tutorials

Ive been meaning to get tutorials started but hadnt had the opportunity to do so. Soon, I'll be posting GK tutorials and info. Also thinking about doing a Skype or Google+ Hangout to discuss set topics or Q & A.

Tutorials will be posted here, on my Facebook and Tumblr.

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

1/6 Phantasy Star Online FOnewearl Cranberry - Custom Mod

Yeah that's right- she's done.

Check out the WIP entries on my blog, just so you know how much work was put into her.  Over 4 years of work, as a bit of a side project.  Kit was completely nude, body was repositioned and modified to fit the character.  All clothes, weapon and hair have been hand sculpted by me.  I did my best to detail everything from the game 100% while also giving it a bit more detail without taking away from the design.  Bracelet is cast in clear resin, weapon is composed of aluminum rod, sheet styrene, overhead projector transparencies, metal washers and aves apoxie.  Yes, it spins ^__^   The character has jet black hair, so I didn't use a color for base tone; I highlighted with dark gray, lightly misted pearl over the hair while concentrating on highlighted areas and a wash to fill in the crevices with pure black.  Ribbon detail and Redria symbol in choker are decals, cleaned by August at August's Haunted Workshop.  Used Tamiya paints and chalk pastels.

Anyways, please enjoy my seventh GK, Cranberry.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Flipping Yoko 1/7 Commission - Complete

This is a commission for a current client, who has three kits commissioned through me, all Yokos XD  She was completed mid-December but I kept her under wraps so I could enter her in the contest.  She has a lot of pieces, some fitting issues and I had to replace a few pieces; the barrel of the gun with the red stripes is replaced with an aluminum rod, raised red stripes were added to barrel with aves, triangular piece on gun magazine was very thin so it was replaced with sheet styrene, added raised metal parts to triangular piece with epoxy glue, trigger finger wasn't included with the kit, so I sculpted one and attached it.
Matched colors to customers specifications.  I did candy colors on the red for Lagann's hand; it was my first time doing candy colors =D  The hair has a light mist of pearl pigment sprayed all over and a bit more concentrated to highlighted areas.  The black lines on the bikini top, hairpin, boots and belt are hand-drawn with a sakura pigma micron in 005, though I did a wash on the gray part of Lagann's hand.  I did some distressing/drybrushing on the gun and added some drybrushing to her hair to make the edges stand out nicely.  Finished satin on the gloves and high gloss on the boots.  Base is wood, painted black, with white flames (made using a french curve set), then sprayed clear green over it to give the feel of the neon green flames from the show.

Anyway, please enjoy my sixth completed GK, Flipping Yoko.